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"The Spirit Behind Badge 145" by Jim McNeff

posted Aug 8, 2016, 5:38 PM by Kelly Griffin
Yes, my brother the cop has written a book! And, yes, it is a good one. Jim retired a little over a year ago from the Fountain Valley Police Department in southern CA, and this book documents some of the many fascinating experiences he had. Each story also includes a devotional thought regarding its spiritual significance. This book has it all – how Jim was almost killed with an ax by a drug-crazed lunatic, how his own marriage almost foundered in the early days of his career, how he was attacked by one of his own canine units, how he had to deal with the discovery that his own partner was a bank robber. Excellent illustration of how the Lord can be brought to bear on real life situations in the most trying situations.  Available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.