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Radical by David Platt

posted Sep 7, 2013, 12:17 PM by Fccea Webmaster
David Platt is the young pastor of a mega-church in Birmingham, AL. But prior to becoming a pastor, he traveled extensively and has seen the world with compassionate eyes.

His book is a reaction to the prosperity gospel and the ease and comfort fostered by typical American Christianity. The subtitle of his book – Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream – is telling. The book is an inspiring exposition of biblical commands to global responsibility for the poor and the lost. He challenges us in compelling and positive ways to evaluate values which are more a result of the culture we live in than the Christ we claim to serve. If you don’t believe that the God of the Bible and the Christ of the church in Acts is still at work in today’s world, read this book.

This book is practical but visionary. If there were one book that I would want our entire congregation to read this year, this is the one. Be prepared to be challenged, inspired and changed in a positive way.

Pastor David McNeff