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Our church has been working with Food For the Hungry (FH) in Santa Cecilia, Guatemala for the past six years. Santa Cecilia is a small village in central Guatemala, surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests and small farms carved into the valleys and hillsides. The people who live there are descendants of an ancient Mayan culture and the Indian dialect they speak is called Quechi. 

Extreme poverty is prevalent among these people. We are in an 8- to 10-year partnership with FH, helping to develop the village into a self-supporting community, emphasizing education through child sponsorships, health awareness through FH, staff training and dental clinics, and improved community facilities. Some of the projects we have contributed toward and helped construct are school classrooms, community sports court, school and home latrines and the planting of fruit trees for soil conservation and crop yield. 

February 2015 marked the fifth trip that members of our church family have made to Santa Cecilia to continue this relationship. Each trip allows us to share the Gospel with the children of the village through a Bible school conducted during the week, as well as many home visits and community gatherings where we share the love of Jesus.