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Empty-Handed at the Fiftieth Floor (published in The North Weld Herald 9/910)

posted Sep 7, 2013, 1:15 PM by Fccea Webmaster
A woman awaiting abdominal x-rays had been heavily sedated. Nevertheless, the nurse plied her with questions -- the last being, "Ma'am, where's your pain right now?" Through her medicated fog, the patient answered, "He's at work!"

One can only hope it was the medicine talking! No man wants to be a pain to his family. I think we long to be setting the tone, establishing goals, and leading by example as well as precept.

But many men, though competent in their own careers and work disciplines, simply do not know where to start when it comes to demanding and complex interpersonal responsibilities. Others may have a vague idea, but substance and implementation skills are lacking.

The truth is, many of us, as men, are not only not prepared to be husbands and fathers -- we may still be living in some undefined wasteland between childhood and manhood, not really knowing what it means to "man up". No one has taught us. As it turns out, 21 is just an age, not a measure of maturity.

This problem is complicated by the fact that men are prone to go it alone. They typically have no idea that others are facing the same concerns, failures, fears and problems that they are. Alan Loy McGinnis, author of the best-selling The Friendship Factor, says that America's leading psychologists and therapists estimate that only 10 percent of all men ever have any real friends.

With these challenges in mind, we are starting a Men's Fraternity group that will utilize material developed by pastor and author, Dr. Robert Lewis, aimed at defining what it means to be a man. The title of the first set of studies is "The Quest for Authentic Manhood". It consists of 24 sessions, each lasting approximately 1-1/2 hours and combining biblical teaching, life experience and small-group interaction.

This is not a church service, a rally or a Bible study. It is a men's meeting -- a place where men can be men and learn from each other. These time-tested resources have been used all over the world (more than 15,000 groups now meeting) to energize men in their pursuit of noble manhood as a lifelong priority. It has invariably had a ripple effect that touches families and communities.

We invite men of all ages to join us on this great adventure each Thursday morning at 6:00 at the Congregational Church (corner of 2nd and Cheyenne in Eaton). It will be a safe place to learn, share and grow together.

Perhaps you've heard of the three men who entered the lobby of a sixty-story skyscraper only to find that the elevator wasn't working. They'll have to walk up sixty stories to their office. One says, "Look, to make it seem like less of a chore, let's each tell a sad story. It'll take our minds off the pain." They start up and the first man tells about having lost his first love to a rival. At the twenty-first story, the second man talks about how illness has plagued his family. When they start up the last ten floors, the third man says, "I'll tell you a real sad story. I forgot the key to the office."

The point is, we don't want to get to the end of life only to discover that we left the "key" behind. Now -- now is the time to learn and implement authentic manhood from the perspective of the One who created us. Don't be left wishing at the 50th floor. Join us -- you won't regret it. Don't waste your life.

By His Grace, Pastor Dave